How We Can Help You Lead a Healthier Life

DaVita® Integrated Kidney Care (IKC) provides people who are enrolled in our program with personalized support from a team of specially trained renal nurses and care coordinators. Whether you have late-stage CKD or ESRD and require dialysis, your DaVita IKC care team works directly with you, your caregivers, your doctors and your healthcare professionals to develop and manage a care plan to help meet your unique needs.

The program provides care coordination support, not just to help you manage kidney disease, but also for common conditions such as diabetes, heart disease and high blood pressure.

People with kidney disease who participate in DaVita IKC programs can lead healthier lives. They frequently experience fewer hospitalizations, lower rates of complications (such as infections) and higher rates of adherence to evidenced-based medicine guidelines.

Because this program is available to you as a service from your health plan or ACO, there’s no cost to participate.

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Patient Stories

"I got my life back thanks to DaVita IKC...."
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"The DaVita IKC program is like having an angel...."
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Caregiver for Vickie
"When I was in the hospital, my Integrated Care Nurse was my lifeline...."
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"Support from knowledgeable, intelligent nurses that care about me...."
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"Thanks to the personal interest in my health from the DaVita IKC team...."
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"I appreciate not having to go to the emergency room for treatment. ..."
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"I am doing better medically because of the education and support of this program...."
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"The nurses are always on top of my condition...."
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